About The Startup Foundations Builder

Sometimes you feel like you're standing still. You're stuck. You don't know how to begin to move forward.

Like Artax - the talented horse-actor in The Neverending Story. He gets stuck in the Swamp of Sadness. Don’t be like Artax. (Spoiler: It doesn’t work out well for our hooved friend).

You had me at Artax. Sign me up already.

The Startup Foundations Builder is a twice-monthly-ish newsletter and sometimes podcast. It has high aspirations of being useful to anyone involved in (or thinking about) startups or growing small-to-mid sized businesses or generally interested in the intersection of business, technology and life. Or rescuing horses (niche audiences are good, they say). It’ll suit you if you’re the sort of person who likes little nuggets of information, thought fodder, tools, frameworks and, sometimes, just common sense advice, to get ahead of the curve. You’ll think it sucks if you’re someone who takes business and life way too seriously.

“Clayton is a ‘foundations builder’. Thanks for setting us in the right direction.” - CEO, US based global startup

"His insight, experience and knowledge is second to none.” - Managing Director, Australian based Managed Services Provider

“Always keeps his audiences highly engaged and entertained.” - Divison Lead, US based global corporation

Who would be interested in reading this?

You? Maybe you're a founder trying to build out a leadership team. A manager tasked with hiring remote staff around the world. An early startup employee with no roadmap for your role, an overwhelming list of things to do and an unintelligible mumble due to not having slept.

Perhaps your sales are stalling. Your marketing efforts are futile. Or your customer service...well, stinks.

You could even be in a personal struggle. Bored at work. The only thing growing in your career is your hair. You’re thinking about starting a business with that great idea you had….eleven years ago. Or you have a tough choice to make, like moving overseas for an amazing opportunity but at the cost of disrupting your family (I can relate to this!) Or “ruining their lives”, as your children will inevitably shout during a heated discussion at some point.

It's not unusual to be overwhelmed trying to figure out how to move forward. It's also not unusual to seek outside help and advice. Those who do are generally at a massive advantage compared to those who do not.

Who’s Clayton Moulynox and MX Growth?

For 20+ years across Australia and the United States I've been helping startups and businesses get unstuck, build foundations for growth and move forward​.

I’ve also worked on getting myself unstuck and ensuring I’m always moving forward, doing what makes me come alive.

I've helped grow companies from $5M to $10M, $1M to $50M (and a $US1B valuation), and owned revenue in the hundreds of millions.

Now I can help others by applying the skills, knowledge, frameworks, processes, experience and contacts I've built up and found patterns of success with over time.

Leading people through chaos and ambiguity, learning and having the resolve to find a path forward is what makes me come alive.

Through this newsletter, I’ll share many tips, advice and observations that are both a reflection on my past experience as well as new learnings as I continue my own journey in advising startups via my company, MX Growth.

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Note: No horses were harmed during the creation of this newsletter.